Tip(s) of the Day

- If you’re polishing your own nails and don’t have a ton of dry time, always choose a lighter shade so if there are smudges, the lighter color is more forgiving.

- If you haven’t mastered the art of blending and your makeup sometimes looks too heavy, buy products with a little shimmer. Flat formulas are less forgiving.

- Don’t worry about precision. I created the coolest smudgy eye today for a girl in just minutes by drawing a messy line and then blending it out.

- Powder containing talc will give you that halo white faced look when using flash photography. Opt for something free of talc and SPF when cameras are in play.

- DIY beauty isn’t my thing, but for years I’ve been known to rub table sugar and olive oil together to give my hands a softness that lasts for days.

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