Prescriptives Photochrome Light-Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15

Maybe I have a magic mirror placed upon my bathroom wall. This must be the case since my bathroom mirror reflects a makeup job well done- after all it is my profession to apply makeup on the face in a way that maximizes the best and minimizes troubled areas. At work, I mix together highlighters, primers, moisturizers, and various shades and formulas of foundations to get the girl’s skin just right. For myself, I just want what you want- something fast that lasts all day. My magic mirror tells me my skin looks great, but the reflections I catch myself in throughout the day are less magical since my foundation sometimes falls away revealing redness and imperfections I thought I’d erased.

Photochrome is exactly what I need on those days when my skin isn’t cooperating, or if I just need a little more coverage. It’s a cream to powder oil-free formula with a weightless look that can’t be predicted by its appearance. Light reflecting particles scatter light upon the skin giving it a diffused look that’s pretty even in direct sunlight. Use the rounded triangle shaped sponge to apply it to even your most difficult areas to reach like corners of your nose and under your eyes. Build up the coverage where you need it most and prepare for every mirror in town throughout the day to reflect back perfectly even skin.

12 Shades, Department Stores Everywhere, $35

Prescriptives Photochrome Light-Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15

Also worth checking out is their Flawless Face Primer which I used with Photochrome on day two. I found it made application and blending even easier and it kept a freshness about the makeup until well after dinner.

1oz, $27

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