Stop and Smell the Roses with; Weleda, The Body Shop, and Sanitas

I think it’s time to take a moment to stop and smell the roes, one of my favorite scents and best loved ingredients with benefits too vast to list. Here are a few products containing this flower of love that smell as great as they work.

Weleda slowly became an obsession, drawing me in with their slick natural-chic packaging, I’d pick something up every now and again shopping at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage and found their line to be consistently good. Some natural lines don’t pack a moisturizing punch, but their Wild Rose Night Cream nourishes skin overnight with intense moisture and organic rosehip seed oil giving it a beautifully light true rose scent and a visible radiance you’ll wake up loving.

1oz, $30, Natural Markets and Drugstores Nationwide

Rose scented makeup might sound a little hokey, but the Roseflower line from The Body Shop has some real winners. First, their Radiance Stick is a fantastic highlighter for eyes, lips, cheeks, and declote since its non-greasy (almost powdery) formula gives it such versatility with a subtle rose scent. The blush and shadows (also scented) are velvety to the touch with pretty feminine colors and a generous amount of product in each clear (so you can see the rose imprint) compact.

Radiance Stick $11, Eye Colors $7

Sanitas Skincare’s Rose Facial Scrub combines tiny silica crystals (rounded so they don’t hurt the skin) inside of a thick, pink, rose scented creamy cleanser meant to soothe and sweep away dull skin. It’s gentle enough for most skin types and is one of the few exfoliants that doesn’t leave my skin the least bit red or irritated afterward.

5oz, $30, Sold in Spas and Salons Nationwide

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