Bridal Makeup; Jill

Jill’s wedding was just a few weeks ago. She was one of those brides who I liked right away and was so easy to work with. She and her hubby both coach soccer so she wore white soccer shoes under her gown, and his were black. Cool right?

Her makeup needed to reflect her style, classic, romantic, but not over the top..

I layered neutral shades using both powder and cream shadows onto her lid, keeping the color more on the muted side. I added a full strip lash (Andrea Modlash #22) then black liner for some drama along the lash band to fully disguise it.

Since she was tan, I used pink on her cheeks and lips. A great rule of thumb to always follow if you’re tan is not to layer on brown tones on your cheeks, or even a lot of bronzer, you’ll just end up looking muddy. Makeup is about contrast, so pink pops on her tan skin whereas brownish shades wouldn’t.

Makeup doesn’t have to be overdone to be beautiful, even on special occasions.

Photos taken by Colorado photographer Krista Cooley who I’ve worked with a few times in the past. She’s fantastic and the brides love her.

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