Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo

Lush is such a fun line, they’re innovative and lighthearted with original takes on ordinary things. Like shampoo for instance. The idea of a solid shampoo is so simple, I don’t know why we don’t see it more often. Sure, the price is great (just under $10 and lasts a long time), but it’s such a space saver in my already crowded shower (not to mention travel bag) that I’d probably pay more for the convenience alone.

3 new solids have been introduced, bumping their selection up to 13 in all. Of the 4 I own, my favorite is their Ultimate Shine because you use just the smallest amount to create rich (SLS free) lather. Tiny bits of gold sparkles (sounds weird, but trust me it works) are speckled throughout the bar giving hair just a hint of highlight in the sun. I’m not sure if it’s the sparkles or just my really-clean-but-not-stripped hair, but there’s some crazy shine going on for sure.

Next I’ll probably try their cinnamon and clove bar that warms the scalp and encourages hair growth, not because I need more hair, but because I’m intrigued by the thought of a warm cinnamon scalp.

While you’re nabbing a new solid shampoo, you have to check out their legendary American Cream Conditioner. One whiff and you’ll be in love. Honey, vanilla, strawberries, and oranges give a unique, fresh scent.

Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo

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