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I’m so excited to be a part of as their newest columnist where I can spread my wings a bit and talk in depth about all kinds of budget beauty products and ideas.

I’m sure you’ve heard of but if you haven’t, it’s one of the best sites out there for living a fun, healthy life and spending less money in the process. You’ll find tons of great info on kids, pets, shopping, food, and DIY ideas you’d actually try at home.

This month in my column- Pretty Cheap I suggest a few ways to make what we already own stretch further and also how to find brushes for much less.

Pretty Cheap

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for showing us that site. I'ts a new favorite of mine now!

  2. Great Job!! I am so proud of you :)

  3. Jewelry Style Beauty says:

    Carissa! Your new column is fabulous! Congrats! Keep 'em coming! Thanks for reminding me to put my lipsticks in a palette! I forgot- and you're right, all my shades are being ignored! I started my blog and I mean it is BRAND new- so don't laugh! ;-)

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