Kanebo Sensai Cheek Blush and Eye Shadow Palettes

Sensai by Kanebo is a luxurious line of treatment makeup, meaning they’ve used technology from their advanced skincare line in the makeup as well for a professional-grade, skin-loving result. Beyond the list of impossible to pronounce high-end ingredients are colors with textures that hug and melt into the skin.

Two of the most important (and often overlooked) attributes to blushes and shadows are texture and finish. Once uneven skin and a few lines become concerns, how the makeup settles into the skin becomes more important than the actual colors themselves. This will determine how you see the makeup on the skin and if it helps skin to look youthful, or if you’re aging yourself by using makeup too shimmery and best suited for younger girls.

What I like about their blush is the velvety feel in the absence of shimmer which can tend to settle into lines making them more obvious. Same goes for their eye shadows which are concisely limited to 3 palettes with the exact colors you need and will actually wear. Nothing more, nothing less. The silky formulations of both ensure a velvety overlay of color with a natural, lasting finish. No shimmer, no glitter. Just makeup for women who want to highlight their skin without looking like they’ve rummaged through the makeup bag of a 15 year old.

Cheek Blush, 5 Shades, $45, Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman

Eye Shadow Palette, 3 Shades, $50, Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman

Sensai Cheek Blush and Eye Shadow Palettes

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I've tried this line and I like the double cleansing and moisturizing system. It seems extensive at first but my skin has never looked better. I can't wait to try out the makeup too!

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Latisse works great. I still use it a few times a week and I'm frequently asked if I'm wearing false lashes. It's a great product.
    I didn't see any side effects except for minor itching sometimes after using- but who knows if it was allergies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've been following your blog for a while. Sorry I don't post much. I was hoping you would do an update on your use of Latisse.
    I remember you started using it in the spring. Do you still use it?
    If so how has it worked? Pictures?

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