Victoria’s Secret PINK Body Line

Victoria’s Secret’s sportier alter ego PINK has a body care line that smells as delicious as you’ d expect. What you might not expect is for them to be formulated with organic shea butter, oat extract, citrus, and mint using US-sourced 100% vegan ingredients without parabens and mineral oil among others, proving that this body line might just be more green than it is PINK.

All 3 formulas; Soothing, Nourishing, and Energizing have different scents and offerings like their Soothing Hand Cream that isn’t greasy, lasts for hours, and smells so fresh you wish it would come in a laundry detergent.

I loved seeing a Sugar Scrub that wasn’t in a jar for once, and the citrus and mint combination was a fresh change from the expected sugary scents these scrubs usually have.

For the girl who loves the smell of vanilla or shea butter, go with the Nourishing line and try out the Body Lotion that makes my skin so soft, it’s almost glowing.

Bottom line: I didn’t expect such a serious product given the packaging and price, but these little wonders filled a gap in the VS landscape of body products that are strictly scent-driven.

On special now 3 for $15, Victoria’s Secret Stores Nationwide

Victoria’s Secret Pink Body Line

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  1. I have all of these- you can get them at Bath and Body too.

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