Kelly Clasrston Photoshop Debate

If you haven’t already heard the buzz about Kelly Clarkson’s heavily touched-up cover for Self magazine, you can get all caught up Here.

All photos we see in magazines are touched up (except for the ones where they want celebs to look bad) in some way and it’s getting to the point where they all look the same. Kelly Clarkson aside, how would we respond to truly undone photos of women on magazine covers? Have we become so used to the perfect aesthetic that seeing ‘real women’ on the cover would be a turn-off?

Uber photographer Peter Lindbergh was so sick of seeing images that he thought made women look like ‘objects from Mars’ that he shot this breathtaking series of photos using some of the most beautiful faces in the world and leaving them just as they are.

What do you think about Kelly’s cover?

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  1. Jessica Allison says:

    Like you said, every image is re-touched in some form. Personally,I think it's just another step in setting unattainable expectations of women.

    Years back when I worked for Estee Lauder, we got an internal booklet with an un-retouched photo of model Carolyn Murphy. She had horribly sun damaged, freckled, greasy skin and clumpy mascara. Of course, when the promotional images came out from the same photo shoot (indeed, the same shot) she looked flawless- her eyes were even toned a brighter green!

    Let me tell you, I showed every client I could the difference between those 2 photos. My superiors may not have liked it if they'd found out, but I thought it was vital to let my clients see that even models aren't perfect, that we all need help sometimes.

    Honestly, what irks me more is when people aren't honest about their "help". Ads for mascara that don't mention that the model is wearing false lashes, or a famous person representing a skincare line who fails to mention she's line free because of the Botox, not the skincare.

    I guess the lesson is, be wary, and give yourself a break- no one is perfect!

  2. I heart her. She's cuter than this pic!

  3. No doubt. She gets the worst time for her weight but I still love her!

  4. Very Photoshopped! I love Kelly but we all know she is not that thin anymore!

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