CARGO Cosmetics Multi-Mix Bronzer

I’m always mixing my own bronzer concoctions. In my kit, I have Bare Minerals Warmth so I can scoop a little of the powder into body lotion to create my own personal amount of color when the girls need it. At home, I use gel bronzer mixed into my sunscreen since it tends to be a little chalky on the skin from the zinc.

It seems now that I might not have to MacGyver my way through bronzing anymore since I can just use Multi-Mix Bronzer from CARGO Cosmetics since it’s meant to be mixed into something else. Just a little squeeze into your moisturizer can create a custom tinted moisturizer, or use it to deepen your everyday foundation to match your summer tan. I’m always a fan of mixing it with body oil to give depth, shine, and color to exposed arms and legs.

Of course you can use it solo too, and since it’s meant to be mixed with something else, it’s very light in weight and sheers out easily. It’s also paraben-free and contains vitamin e for a silky feel on the skin.

CARGO Cosmetics Multi-Mix Bronzer

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  2. ooooh i've looked at this and almost bought it! i'll get it next time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CARGO Blu Ray is great. I haven't heard of this but I'll give it a try when I'm at Sephora. Good liquid bronzers are hard to find.

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