Is this Necessary? Stila Talking Palettes

Now you know I love me some Stila, but these talking palettes are over the top. I get it, they’re trying to make women more comfortable with eye makeup application, but does the eye shadow really need give specific instructions hindering our creativity and confusing us more? ‘Wait, where did she say the brown goes? What if I don’t want to use it? Am I doing this wrong?”

Open the lid on these shadow quads and press the button for a step by step account of how Stila thinks your eye makeup should be applied in 5 (5!?) ‘easy’ steps. Of course eye shape, skill level, and preference isn’t factored into the equation maybe making the process harder than if you had no help at all.

In this age of technology when an eye makeup application demo is just a YouTube click away, why add instructions when we need them the least- during our morning rush.

Bottom Line: Stila has some of the best shadows out there based on blendability, texture, and color selection. Just buy them separately and spare yourself the gimmicks.

$40, 4 Palettes, Sephora

Talking Palettes

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