Kanebo Sensai Eyelash Base 38° C

Even if you’re not one for wearing a bunch of makeup, you probably wear mascara. Most women do. Why not give your lashes super power by laying down a primer first?

Not only is it a lasting, humidity-proof formula removed only with warm water (38° C=100° F), but it acts like a styling product holding and memorizing curl giving lashes a giant advantage before the mascara brush is even out of its wand. Your lashes will look fatter, bolder, and curlier (if you follow it up by curling your lashes) all day long.

Kanebo Sensai Eyelash Base 38° C

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  1. Faye Prettyhead says:

    I have never thought to prime my lashes before applying a mascara, but I am always wanting fuller and longer looking lashes so I think I am going to have to give it a try!

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