Make Your Own Scented Lotion

Scent is so important to a product. Even if I love the feel and texture of a lotion, I won’t use it if I don’t like the way it smells.

Recently, I cut to the chase devising a way to give my body lotion a scent I knew I’d love. I added equal parts from two of my favorite essential oils- lavender and lemongrass into my Trader Joe’s unscented cream. Just 3 drops of each at first, then I added two more the next day just to make sure the scent wasn’t too strong. I used oils from the best known retailer of essential oils, Aura Cacia found in most health food stores.

Now I have a cream with a light, fresh scent that I really love- and without the unknown ‘fragrance’ ingredients that I try to avoid. Essential oils have long been used for properties that go far beyond just their scents, Lemongrass is a great astringent and Lavender is relaxing and calming. Find your perfect scent combinations and start making your own custom skincare.

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