Bling Strands

I’ve actually witnessed these colorful fibers for the hair first hand on several girls and they’re pretty cute. Cute within reason- not completely overboard where it starts to look like a tinsel wig made for a muppet.

Blondes can order them in golden hues, while brunettes and redheads can match their tresses as well for a look as subtle, or as noticeable as you like. When matched closely to the hair’s color, it really takes a second glance to figure out what’s drawing your eye to the hair.

Don’t expect to put them in yourself, you’ll want help (probably a stylist) to tie them since you can wash and style them (yes even with heat) and they’ll last for about a month, so attaching them well is key.

$13 for 18 25-inch strands, 15 Colors, Online, Select Sally Beauty Stores Nationwide

Bling Strands

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  1. Sally Beauty put them all on clearance where I live. But I bought some and they felt like plastic, weird. Plus they were wayyyy too short for my hair. I did like the concept though and bought some other hair bling from another website for $9 and I liked the colors better.

  2. I have to try these out. I can't find them on Sally's website though.

  3. Hooked On Beauty says:

    thank you so much!

  4. i just wanted to leave a comment and thank you for your wonderful work. i really appreciate your continued and frequent updates – which is surprisingly rare in the world of makeup blogging. keep up the great work!

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