Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

We makeup artists are a picky bunch. Especially when it comes to foundations, we’re always searching for the next big thing that covers imperfections while creating the look of natural, fresh skin.

Makeup artists are reaching for Koh Gen Do on the sets of 90210, Entourage, and Nip/Tuck, and on the faces of starlets like Olivia Palermo (above) from The City at the 2009 MTV VMA Awards. They rely on Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Foundation to deliver the goods, even in HD.

Moisture Foundation strikes a delicate balance combining water, moisture, and powders to fill in pores and lines while creating a smooth surface on top of the skin that reflects light, erasing the look of uneven skin. Formulated from minerals and free of parabens, this foundation boasts a 10 hour wear time, even in the most demanding conditions.

$55, 12 Shades, Free Shipping Online, KohGenDoCosmetics.com,

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

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  1. I’ve been doing makeup for celebrities for many years and I use this on all of my clients for Red Carpet events. In fact, I did the makeup in the story above for Olivia Palermo at the VMA’s that got so much press. It’s rumored that she tied with Madonna for Best Red Carpet makeup !

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