Magnolia Hotel Denver Shoot and L’Oreal Infallible Lipgloss

I loved working with Ashley K Photography, one of Houston’s premier photographers when we shot promotional photos for the beautiful Magnolia Hotel (with a newly renovated ballroom) here in Denver. She did such a great job with their Houston hotel, they wanted her to work her magic here too.

Our model for the day was Saylee, who was beautiful and statuesque with distinguished features that were so easy and fun to bring out.

I used dusty grey and pinks on her sparkling blue eyes along with black liner, but using white liner on her lower waterline to maintain brightness and to keep it from being too dramatic.

When you have skin that’s olive, or tanned like Saylee’s, using brown tones on lips and cheeks tends to look muddy and doesn’t give that pop of contrast the way pinks do. Since the shoot spanned several hours in various parts of the hotel, I wanted her lips to really last. Touchups can affect the texture- piling on more gloss can look heavy and some glosses bleed so removing all color from the mouth is often necessary to apply from scratch.

I chose L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lipgloss in 806 Plumped Tawny and crossed my fingers that it would just stay put since I loved how natural the lips looked with just the right amount of pink and the slightest touch of shimmer. Hour after hour, her lips remained fresh without needing to be touched-up. Best yet is the plumping formula without the intense stinging sensation that can be uncomfortable and annoying, you’ll just feel like your mouth is minty-fresh and incredibly smooth.

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