Makeup Mania; La Femme Eye Shadows

If you’re in NY or Long Island, it’s Alcone.

In LA, it’s Friends Beauty Supply.

In Scottsdale, it’s Glam Lounge.

Here in Denver (with another store in NY), it’s Makeup Mania, a store I lovingly equate to being inside a casino in Vegas- you have zero concept of time and stay until you’re broke. Eva Marie opened the doors to her NYC location 8 years ago after working on movies like Boogie Nights and Se7en just to name a few.

Makeup Mania strikes a balance between what the pros want (special effects goodies like facial pieces and noses, wigs, and every color in the rainbow for face and body) and what women want to use everyday.

Case in point; my new favorite eyeshadow La Femme;

Matte shadows are an artist’s best friend. Anything with shimmer or highlight is just the icing on the cake, matte shadows are where we build the color and contour the eyes. Good matte formulas (and colors) are just so hard to find, they can be chalky or look heavy. La Femme’s shades are incredibly intense in color and glide on for easy blending.

But that’s not even the best part.

They sell them for $2.50 each.


I got this entire palette of 12 shadows including the 12 pan itself for $35. No wonder why they were taking phone orders like crazy when I was there.

Here are the colors I got, and HERE is where to order them (just let them know you saw the shadows here on HOB, maybe they’ll give you a little somethin somethin).

Colors; Top Row- Bronze, Brown, Taupe, Irid Taupe, Beige Pink, Melon
Bottom Row- Pink Blush Dark Brown Frostee Beige Gold Leaf Burgundy Charcoal

Also available in loose pigments- only $4.25. I got #31 and #36 but here are a few more from their display that I sadly left at the store homeless.

You didn’t think that was all I bought did you? More photos of this excursion to come!

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  1. Wow look at all those! I dont know how you managed to choose!!? Love the darker one that you chose. I dont know whether you get Barry M dazle dust over there in the US, but here they are £4.45 per pot and you get about half as much as the ones you have pictured!

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