CoverGirl Outlast All-day Lipcolor

Kudos to CoverGirl for delivering a long-wearing lip color everyone will love. Choose from over 40 eye-popping shades (the best nudes!) in 6 color categories for the premier color selection among the drugstore long-wearing formulas.

If you had problems with dry lips using other long-wearing lip colors, Outlast’s creamy take on this not-a-gloss, not-a-lipstick feel will leave your lips moisturized and perfectly glazed in color for a full 15 hours.

Keep in mind the 2 piece application is key- after applying the lip color, don’t rub your lips together for a full minute before applying the clear topcoat. If your color needs a little boost during the day, just use the topcoat to refreshen it like you would a lip balm.

This just might be my favorite long-wearing formula so far!

42 shades, $9,, Drugstores Nationwide

CoverGirl Outlast All-day Lipcolor

Check out their color selection HERE

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