Bridal Makeup; Melissa

Getting to work with Travis Broxton is always a treat. He’s a well known, widely respected photographer here in Denver who travels all over the world beautifully capturing weddings. He’s also a super nice guy.

Melissa was married at a private residence in Estes Park, Colorado on an unbelievably perfect day. She’s already gorgeous with perfect skin, so I just brought out her best features for the camera.

I used Kett waterproof creme foundation to even her skin out just in the center where needed- this formula is my BFF during the hot summer months since it lasts all day and doesn’t move. I skipped using powder since she doesn’t usually get shiny, and I wanted her skin to look as natural as possible in the daylight.

For her eyes, I used a lightly shimmered light blue shadow from this Smashbox kit all over her lids into her crease for a pretty contrast against her skin. I lined her eyes using Jet Set liner in black from Smashbox on top only disguising the band from the false lashes (ModLash #22).

We finished with a berry color on cheeks and lips using a long wearing formula by L’Oreal.

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