CND Color and Effects

I’m pretty specific about my nail colors- lighter pinks and nudes during the summer, and really deep shades in the winter like blacks and plums. More specifically, the color has to be a cream meaning no shimmer, glitter, or pearl. I don’t know why, it’s just always been my thing, what my eyes are drawn to. I’m sure you’re the same way, and CND knows that.

CND has long been a leader in the nail industry, and now they’re blazing a new trail by letting women decide exactly what finish they’d like on their favorite nail colors. First, you choose from 50 super shiny, glimmer-free créme colors. Next, (if you so choose, I like the crémes solo) you select from 15 Effects you want to give the color, like maybe Gold Pearl or Raspberry Sparkle to transform the shade into a custom signature color.

Pretty smart right?

I can’t wait to experiment with fall’s hottest trend, matte nails using their Super Mattte Top Coat.

Ahhh the possibilities.

See first hand how the Effects work HERE

50 Colors, 15 Effects, Sold in Salons Nationwide

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  1. Jady Lane says:

    Need a new matte black

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the coolest thing ever!

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