Chanel Jade Nail Polish Using Orly and SpaRitual

What do you get when you mix a Chanel runway show with the world’s most beautiful women, and a nail color that isn’t yet available? An all-out frenzy.

Chanel created another Vamp situation with this highly anticipated shade of green for the fall shows in early 09, but not releasing the colors to counter for sale until now giving competitors plenty of time to launch a hundred different imitations, and the gotta have it factor to reach a fever pitch.

I thought it might be fun to see how close I could get to Jade with shades I had already (i.e, it’s sold out everywhere).

Using one coat of Orly’s Mint Mojito first, then 2 coats of SpaRitual’s Delight Creme on top, I think I’ve created the perfect Jade-imitation.

Pretty close right?

On top of being completely coveted by fasionistas everywhere, it’s a limited edition, so once it’s out- it’s out. Happy hunting!

Chanel Jade

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  1. Lady Jane says:

    Reminds me of scrubs

  2. It's not the exact same, but I'd settle for it!

  3. OPI has one too that's less expensive and looks really similar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Close enough for sure! I love this Jade color, MAC has one that's similar too.

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