Eat Your Way to Better Skin; Borba & Glowelle

Pomegranate, oatmeal, white tea, flaxseed. We’ve heard about these so called ‘superfoods‘ and their many health benefits, but one very important benefit we don’t hear of as often is just as important; skin health.

The Vtamins and antioxidants in our foods are always advancing the overall look and health of our skin every time we eat them.  It’s just that easy. Now, because none of us eat 100% perfectly all of the time, these healthful ingredients are coming to us now in the fun, easy, and creative ways.

Since Borba introduced its drinkable skin care, they’ve partnered up with different companies adding their patented blend of skin nutrients to lipsticks, skincare, laundry detergent, and now cookies.

Borba and DeLuscious, a cookie giant in L.A and on the web, have created cookies that combine together antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids with a signature cookie that’s chewy and irresistible.

DeLuscious 1/2 Dozen Powered by BORBA Cookies $25

Glowelle has become hugely popular with women since their 50 calories a piece take along packets have replaced the usual afternoon sodas. These sweet and nutritious energy and skin boosters are loaded with good-for-you nutrition that rivals sugary drinks with empty calories.


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