Lashes 101 With Revlon Fantasy Lengths

It’s here! The Super Bowl of false lashes, Halloween. It’s a time when women finally face their fear of gluing their eyes shut for the sake of a unique finishing touch to their costumes. Revlon has a new line of lashes, Fantasy Lengths, that offer something for Halloween and beyond.

Flirty, fun, but not over-the-top, their Blue Shadow lashes give a wispy effect using blue and blonde natural hairs. Apply a fine line of glue (included) then wait about 15 seconds until the glue becomes tacky, tilt your head back and look at the mirror down your nose so your eyes close slightly and apply the lashes as close to your lash line as low as you can get them. Slightly curl your lashes once the glue is dry to blend them with the false ones for the most natural look. You can apply mascara, but since these are colored you’ll just lessen their effect. Either apply mascara before, or use a blue one after to keep the look uniform.

$4.75 Drugstores or online HERE

Notice what’s missing from the package? Glue. Their new self adhesive technology gives you an easier mess-free experience with the same long wear, even in water. Hold the lashes up to your eyes to measure them first, then trim them (if needed) to a length slightly shorter than your lash line. Their no-glue required lineup features glam-in-a-box lashes to make eyes pop for weddings and special occasions where a camera is  in order.

$4.75 Drugstores Nationwide or buy HERE

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