Per-fékt Eye Perfection Gel

Companies that stick with what they do well are a big favorite of mine. Per-féct is dedicated to a singular mission; giving skin the illusion of perfection. Bringing their product line to a total of three, their Eye Perfection Gel sits alongside their best selling skin and body gels which all act as a soft-focus filters to blur out fine lines and skin imperfections creating the best looking skin possible.

This ultra-concentrated (the formulas aren’t diluted with water) gel-mousse is applied using the cooling palladium tip that feels like a massage for tired eyes. Good old fashioned cucumber soothes puffy eyes, but peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic microspheres, and other magic-working wonders blur out fine lines giving them a much softer appearance, while a glaze of pretty color lightly coats the skin so well you might just skip the concealer.

.30oz, $45, 4 Shades,, Sephora

Per-fékt Eye Perfection Gel

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  1. The face gel is all I ever use. I quit using any other face makeup because I love the way it makes my skin look.

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