Line High/ Low: M.A.C Cosmetics

Although M.A.C is probably my very least favorite line overall, I can’t deny its popularity. They’ve successfully marketed themselves as a makeup line for professionals by professionals, but I believe only the latter to be true. I do carry some M.A.C in my kit, but I find the line overall to be clumsy, adolescent, and impervious to the beauty needs of real women.

That said, I’ve pulled out what I believe to be their best offerings as well as their worst.


Tinted Lipglass is probably M.A.C’s main gateway drug – you start with buying the gloss, then once you’re hooked, you become strung out on foundations and eye liners. Lipglass is a simple, traditional gloss in every way from the sponge tipped applicator to its tacky feeling, and your options seem endless with 36 dazzling shades.

M.A.C’s most intense colors come from their Pigments , a healthy does of loose color that comes in a jar and allows for easy blending and intensity that goes from 0-60 with a sweep of a brush. I like the neutral beigy and pinky ones which I use on the lid over cream shadows to make them really pop, and I’ve also blended them with different lip glosses for pretty customized shades.

M.A.C’s Interactive Brush Finder  helps to finally make the most confusing part of makeup a little easier. Clicking over each brush photo launches a drop-down box of information on how best to use the brush.


I know I’ve already reviewed  their Studio Fix Powder, but simply calling it overrated was being kind.  Its heavy, opaque coverage has long been a favorite of drag performers who use it to easily cover their 5 o’clock shadows. Yes it serves a purpose, but probably not on you.

Do I have M.A.C Eye Shadows in my kit? Yes. Are they my 1st choice to use? No. Do I use them on myself? Never.

Yes, they do have what looks to be a broad shade range (many of the colors are redundant),  but I find them to be surprisingly low in pigment and a bit chalky. I found long ago that the shadows didn’t look good on women past the age of 35ish since the harsh finish gave life to every imperfection. There are a few shades I do like and use, but I layer them with other products like creme shadows to get the look I want.

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I really love the consistency of Smashbox shadows, I also love La Femme shadows which I posted on a few weeks ago. They're crazy high in pigment and only $3 each! You can get them on the site I included.

    Twig is a great lip color that I use on girls a lot. I also like the long-wearing formulas like Cover Girl Outlast which has a ton of neutral shades like twig.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many posts back you commented that MAC Twig lipstick is a good color for us fair of skin. Is there a substitute in another line that is equally universally flattering?

  3. QueenKimie says:

    I second that! What eye shadows are your favorites??? I have palettes of M.A.C and they don't last very long…am looking for shadows with staying power that are not chalky.

  4. Many pro's hold this view as well….MAC has such a crazy following though lol….I'd love to see you post up what you do use and love instead of MAC!! :)

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