Gaston Photography Shoot Part 2

The term ‘smokey’ doesn’t begin to describe the look I created for Logan. I wanted something young and fresh with a little edge, maybe more like smudgy and undone.

Here’s how to get the look;

I layered the medium tone from Smashbox EYELIGHTS in Smokebox with Laura Mercier’s Metallic Créme Eye Color in gold on top of black shadow to create a rich, chrome-like effect.

After using black liner to rim the entire eye on the top and bottom, I took a mascara wand and pressed it right into her lid and under her eyes. I also used the mascara wand from Estee Lauder’s TurboLash in Gold Effects under her eyes to press in bits of random gold. I did it on the top lashes and lid as well. Now, I’m not talking about using the mascara wand to just the lashes, but on the actual skin- that’s what I used under her eyes, mascara right off the wands!

I wanted a really shimmery gold body effect, so I took a body gloss and pressed it into her neck, arms, and declote then I used a big fluffy brush to dust Estee Lauder’s Opulent Shimmer Powder over top so certain sections caught heavier shimmer than others and it wouldn’t look uniform.  I also used the shimmer powder (which is fantastic, really fine, pretty, wearable shimmer) over her lipstick, I just used my fingers to press the powder over the center of her lips so they would catch the light without using gloss.

A look this bold needed a big, full lash, so I used Ardell Strip Lashes in 120 for a look filled with drama. I curled her lashes into the false ones once the glue dried so it would look more natural and then I added about 4 coats of mascara.

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  1. She look amazing! Good work!

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I used Stila long wear lip color in Exquisite without liner, just pressed lightly into lips, then I used the Estee Lauder shimmer powder over top for the gold effect.

  3. Great look! What color is the lipstick?

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