Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin

In the latest edition of ‘Carissa Shares too Much,’ I’d like to announce that I regularly shave or wax my arms. It’s not that they’re overly hairy, or even that I’m opposed to a little arm fur, it’s just something I started doing that haunts me if I don’t continue it regularly.

Since this experience has made me into an official hair-removal guru, I understand that shaving leaves a weird manly stubble, and waxing hurts like hell takes too long, so I’ve now switched to Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin. In a matter of 5 minutes, this sweetly scented cream dissolves hair that’s easily scraped away with a plastic scraper (included), then rinsed clean revealing smooth hair-free skin. It lasts about as long as waxing does, but grows in really soft and undetectable.

For unwanted body hair, Veet is the easiest solution I’ve seen thus far.

Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I thought about that too- it might be rolling the dice a bit.. you try it first and let me know!

  2. Khalia@GlamourandLove says:

    I have ALWAYS wondered about this stuff but just kinda assumed it probably didn't really work that well. I wonder how pleasant or not so pleasant it would be in the bikini area? Hmm…..

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