Orly in Mirror Mirror

I always keep my nails short, it’s casual and modern, but it’s also practical when my job is putting my hands in people’s faces- having claws coming toward their eyes to blend eye concealer probably isn’t the best idea.

Shorter nails also have more options when it comes to wearing bold colors. As a rule, the longer the nails, the more muted the polish should be- it starts to look a little witchy.

I typically shy away from polishing my nails since it always chips so quickly, but I’ve found that Orly polishes last the longest on my fingers and this color- Mirror Mirror has been my fall go-to.

It’s a creamy, sparkle-free gray that’s chic without being too young. Surprisingly, the gray goes with everything I wear and people go crazy over it. I have strangers ask me what color it is every time I have it on, and it lasts for well over a week without any signs of chipping or dulling.

I think it’s only part of a seasonal color story, so if you want it, you should get it soon.

$7.50, OrlyBeauty.com Sally Beauty Stores, Ulta Beauty Stores Nationwide

Orly Mirror Mirror

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  1. I bought it after you wrote about this and the darker green one. It does stay on a lot better than OPI which I usually use. It's also very shiny.

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