Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection

Horst Rechlbacker is considered by many to be the Godfather of hi-tech hippie beauty, meaning plant-based science that stands unchallenged in its approachable efficacy ever since he founded Aveda in 1978.  After Estee Lauder bought Aveda, and his time there was complete,  he moved on to a new revolution by creating Intelligent Nutrients, an innovative powerhouse that others will surely soon follow.

Of course Intelligent Nutrients (IN) has some of the best hair care available (I use and love it) insofar as plant-based technology is concerned, but I was pleasantly surprised when their skin care line proved to be just as stellar.

Before you fold open each carton, you’ll find a wealth of  responsible choices IN has made in an effort to bring you the safest products possible. They use minimal, recyclable packaging, renewable energy sources, USDA certified organic food ingredients (many grown on Rechlbacker’s own farm in Wisconsin),  they’re against animal testing, and never used silicones, petrochemicals, or parabens.

Great. I get it- the products are safe, natural, (even edible!) but the question still remains; how do they perform?

Better than you could ever imagine.

IN has formulated a range for the skin that’s so fantastic and well-tolerated, it’s essentially a one-size-fits all. Known skin nourishing ingredients like Acai, Argan, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, and Plant Sterols heal, protect, and calm the skin at a cellular level to reduce inflammation (a huge cause of skin aging) and allow the products to do exactly what they claim.

If you’ve always used an SLS laden cleanser that foams like crazy and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, IN’s Anti-Aging Cleanser might take a little getting used to. It’s a non-foaming cleanser with a firm, cushy consistency that completely cleanses the skin while keeping your moisture barrier fully in tact and ready to absorb the mist, serum and moisture.

My skin drinks up the water-based Anti-Aging Mist with its Seed Meal Complex that almost instantly banishes all traces of redness from my reactive skin that often shows up after cleansing.

All skins from oily to very dry will love the Anti-Aging Serum that lightly laces skin with Antioxidants, Acai, Argan Oil, and their own Intellimune Seed Oil Complex that softens wrinkles, evens out redness and texture, and increases radiance, firmness, and elasticity. I was using it at night only (my skin is more combination) but I like the way it makes my skin look awake and refreshed which helps me to use less foundation, so now I use it in the morning.

If ever there were a moisturizer that worked well on all skins, this is it. Anti-Aging Moisture is a creamy light lotion that sinks right into your skin like your face has been thirsty for it (which might be a fitting term since its second ingredient is organic apple juice). Their signature oil and antioxidant blends make it effective for optimal skin health, but the softness and calmness it creates will make it an instant classic.

$35- $60, and Select Salons Nationwide

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection

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