Three Custom Color Specialists Opaline Creme Eye Definers

At first glance, I thought it was just a purple creme eye liner. But wait, that’s not purple, it’s actually…brown?

In one of the coolest uses of color theory, Three Custom Color Specialists take black and brown creme liners to a whole new level. They’ve noticed (like I have) that when a black or brown liner is applied to the lid, they often times dull out.

For instance, I love an ultra jet black liner, but sometimes after it dries, it looks sort of grayish. Then there’s brown which can lose so much depth that I have to draw over the liner with a deep brown shadow to intensify it.

Their solution? Adding a hint of blue pearl to Aurora (their black liner) for a jet black that stays that way well after it dries, and some violet pearl to Jupiter (the brown) to brighten and deepen the brown chasing away any signs of dullness. Adding the blue and violet hues also make the whites of your eyes seem extra white because of the contrast.

To the eye, the shades look a little skewed but on the skin the colors are vibrant black and brown. Of course makeup artists wouldn’t create just any formula for these one-of-a-kind colors- they’re smudge proof, transfer resistant and carry a texture that binds to your brush in a way that virtually applies itself.

$22, 2 Shades,

Three Custom Color Specialists Opaline Creme Eye Definers

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  1. I just ordered the black one and I can't wait to try it out. I usually use the Bobbi Brown liners but even their newest black one wasn't that black on.

  2. It one of my very favorite pro lines. They matched a discontinued lipstick for me and it was perfect.

  3. Karen E. Duncan says:

    They are a genius bunch over there at Three Custom Color. I'm looking forward to trying the new Black "Aurora" eye liner. Looks very, very promising.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

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