Blinc Mascara

Although the technology has started to spread to more mainstream cosmetic companies, the original ‘Kiss Me‘ mascara (they’ve since changed their name to Blinc) was the first to feature their tube technology that has become an instant cult classic.

Only the name and packaging (thank God) have changed for this more modern looking mascara, the tubes still remain. Instead of brushing on color like with traditional mascaras, this formula creates tiny tubes that hug each strand of hair that make lashes invincible against water, smudging, running, clumping, and even rubbing your eyes.

It’s not a waterproofing formula that holds it in place so special remover is not required, just lightly rub with a warm washcloth and you’ll see the tubes detach themselves from your lashes. Easier yet, let the warm water from your shower loosen the tubes and they’ll fall right off. It’s really wild once you see them removed, and unique to anything I’ve ever used.

If having a a really soft, touchable lash is more your style, this mascara isn’t for you. It does dry a bit stiff- it’s like using a hair gel instead of a mousse, but the look itself isn’t different. Also, if you’re a ‘builder’ and like the look of a ton of mascara, you might not like the fact that you can’t add more coats once it’s dry, but you can work it up all you’d like until then. You can also ‘tubify’ your usual mascara by adding this on top of the one you use already, just make sure it’s directly after when your lashes are still damp.

Bottom line; if even waterproof mascara still leaves you smudgy, Blinc’s tiny tubes will not disappoint.

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Blinc Mascara

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  1. I still have the original Kiss Me tube- it was blue and not at all as cute as the updated packaging. I really like how it stays on and it is weird how it comes off. It lasts longer than any mascars I've ever used. You can only use their primer underneath, others I've tried are too oily and it doesn't look as good.

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