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As the holidays approach, and everyone is searching for the perfect gifts, keep in mind that supporting your local business is just a good idea for keeping that money in your community. A simple Google search will churn out beauty brands that you may not even know lie within your states’ borders. Find them, support them, and keep the money local.

Here in Colorado, there are a few companies who churn out some really fantastic stuff that would make for excellent gift giving, and here is one of my favorites.

Lavishea is one of those products I stumbled on completely organically. Their founder and I share a mutual friend who couldn’t stop raving about their gluten-free lotion bars made from moisturizing shea butter. The scents unique and fresh, they’re all hand-made right here in Colorado, and they have the best overall feel of any lotion bar I’ve ever used. They’re non-greasy and absorb completely into the skin for hours of moisturization. It’s a perfect one-size-fits-all gift for anyone, and especially great for those with Celiac Disease who can’t tolerate gluten (even in their skin care), and for frequent travelers since they’re able to be taken along in a carry-on bag.

$12 Lavishea

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  1. Lavishea is the bomb! Best lotion product I have used.

  2. I have used this product. Simply Amazing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for mentioning this! I was diagnosed two months ago with celiac disease, and I'm on the look out for gluten free products all the time now.

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