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Dear Carissa,

I am trying to find a foundation that is natural looking and easy to apply. My current foundation, I love the way it goes on and the look of it but it just doesn’t last. I want a primer too that makes it last a little longer and also helps my shine.

Do I have unrealistic expectations that foundation should last all day?

Thanks so much!


Ok Courtney, here’s the scoop,

As a Makeup Artist, I get a unique insight into the lasting power of makeup since it’s my job to ensure what I create lasts an incredibly long amount of time. Some people’s skin doesn’t hold on to color as well as others, so using a highly pigmented foundation would be a good place to start. Look for a strong color line, like BECCA which does foundations really well, and then invest in the longevity of that foundation with a primer and powder.

BECCA’s 4 primers allow you to choose one based on your skin type, you’d like their Mattifying Primer to cancel out shine and give the foundation something to grab on to for extended wear. If you’re ever having problems with foundation not lasting, using a primer is always a good place to start.

BECCA’s Stick Foundation gives the best coverage of any stick foundation I’ve used. I first use it as a concealer to cover redness, then I dab it on one section of my face at a time and buff it in with a foundation brush.  You don’t need to use a lot for complete coverage, the finish is totally natural looking, and I love that it’s SPF 30.

You may have heard about their Fine Loose Finishing Powder which constantly receives rave reviews because it’s micro-milled to be ultra fine. It’s so unique that it sets the foundation making it semi water resistant while allowing the skin’s natural finish to peek through.

Bottom line-  find a line that has a fantastic foundation, use the primer and powder within that line as a system that works together to give you the lasting power you want.


  1. Thank you so much for your help! That line sounds fabulous! I will defiantly try it.

  2. Interesting post :)

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