Body Shop Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all for participating in The Body Shop giveaway yesterday- you guys are the best!

I literally scrolled down and just chose the first person I saw since the entries and comments were all so great. Lucky duck Molly turned out to be the winner. She is also a blogger and has a super cute site about her family. Kind of like my friend Jan’s blog about her family of 6 kids who also happens to be a great photographer and includes gorgeous photos to accompany her yummy recipes she gives out. How do you moms find the time??

I digress.

Anyway- thanks again and look for more contests to come including one starting on Monday.

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  1. Thank yu! I am SOOOO excited about the giveaway! I may actually look delicious to hubby now! ha ha

  2. Aw Thanks! You are super sweet! Love ya.

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