Holiday Git Sets From Flirt! and E.L.F

If you still believe you have to pay a lot to get a lot, E.L.F and Flirt! Cosmetics are out to prove you wrong with their big-in-beauty, low-in-price gift sets out for the holidays.

You really see how far a dollar can stretch over at E.L.F. where you can get these Holiday Gift Sets for $6 a pop. Choose from 2 gloss sets (bright and neutral) each containing 6 glosses, or from 2 nail sets (favorites and brights) with 5 polishes each.

For less than most people pay for just one brush, Flirt! Cosmetics has their Essential Brush Collection with 4 brushes; blush, powder, shadow, and liner nicely packaged inside a cute travel patch.

Flirt! also has a holiday Eyeshadow palette with 40 shades for only $25. The colors included strike a nice balance using both everyday shadows along with fun, bright ones.

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