Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Origins fans are obsessed with their new eye cream, GinZing because of its ability to quickly de-puff and brighten the area around your eyes. They call it a ‘shot of espresso for tired eyes,’ I call it a great all-around eye cream that knocks out that tired, dull look your eyes can’t shake in the morning.

Caffeine and Panax Ginsing rev up your circulation to relieve puffy bags within minutes. Optic brighteners make the cream a slightly pinky hue which allows your concealer a head start by giving the skin a subtle glow that looks bright and awake.

$30, Origins Nationwide,

Origins GinZing

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  1. I love the color to this which helps with my darker circles and I also really like the scent which is citrus and ginger. Origins is the best!

  2. Khalia@GlamourandLove says:

    I haven't tried this yet but I want to!

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