Origins Multi-Grain Makeup


Somewhere between liquid foundations and mineral ones you’ll find Multi-Grain Makeup, a new twist on foundations from Origins. Soy, oatmeal, rice flour, goji berries, and vitamins all play a role in creating this fine powder that disguises redness and offers as much (or as little) coverage as you need with visible skin benefits.

The finish doesn’t have a sheen to it at all, but it does give the skin a radiant, healthy glow that’s really pretty. It’s SPF 14, oil, fragrance, and talc free, and doesn’t cake up or settle into fine lines even after hours of wear.

Multi-Grain is sure to be a hit with those who don’t love the look of mineral makeup, but want something that’s quick and easy. You can also buff it on over top of whatever liquid foundation you use for more coverage and a great finish.

Origins Multi-Grain Makeup

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  1. You could use a pressed mineral powder. I did see where he said that. With the minerals though, I'm not sure if it's a huge threat.

  2. according to dr. oz, you shouldn't use loose powder, especially the new mineral powders because the particles are so small that it is easy to inhale and get stuck in your lungs being lodged there. so, what makes this product so great is also very harmful to your health. you are better off using a pressed powder. they have mineral powders that are pressed. this will reduce the risk of inhalation.

  3. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I do have it and I use it. I have the light-medium and I have the brush which I really like as well.

    It's light in weight and my combination skin doesn't look shiny, but it does look really healthy and smooth. I also use a little bit under my eyes to set my concealer.

  4. Msagkittykat says:

    sounds interesting. Have you tired this yet?

  5. Have you personally used this product?

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