Yu·Be Foaming Skin Polish

There’s this hierarchy of what to use when shaving your legs for maximum softness, I believe it goes a little something like; soap, shaving cream, exfoliants. Bonus points are alloted for an exfoliant that creates light lather without being too abrasive.

Foaming Skin Polish from Yu·Be is probably the best I’ve found for getting a really close shave since it gives your skin a light foamy coating along with rice bran and bamboo grains to lightly exfoliate dry skin. It’s not a dense, abrasive sort of scrub like the ones that come in a jar, and it’s perfectly packaged in a big, no-mess tube for easy shower use.

Of course it isn’t shave-specific, it’s especially nice when you want to remove dull skin but aren’t into a harsh sugar or salt scrub. It’s more on the soothing side because the  rice grains float in a cleanser rich in ginger root, ginseng, green tea, geranium oil, and camphor that tones, cleans, moisturizes, and refreshes skin like crazy.

$18, Yu-Be.com Sephora.com Select Retailers Nationwide

Yu·Be Foaming Skin Polish

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