Face Atelier Eye Shadows & Lip Glaze

Face Atelier is a true Makeup Artist’s line tucked away in boutiques worldwide that cater to the pros and serious makeup gurus alike. Once you find it, it’s an addiction.

What I like about Face is that they understand makeup and do it well. Their color line is concise offering basics with splashy colors that are made in a way that makes them wearable and unique. Their Eye Shadows have a formula to be envied, so silky to the touch they almost feel creamy. Mattes are offered, but the true genus of their shadows lies within their delicately frosted formulas. More punch and easier to blend than a matte, but not a traditional shimmer to give all eyes (young and more mature) a healthy glow without settling into and emphasizing fine lines.

I load up my brush typically using Anti Gold or Iced Champagne and press the color into the base of my lash line blending up into my eye’s natural crease for a light color wash effect. Just a small amount goes a long way and the color is pigmented enough to build up into a more dramatic look. You won’t have any creasing and you’ll find your other shadows hard to blend and dull looking in comparison once you’ve tried these.

Check them out online, their color representations are incredibly true to the shades, but a tinge less bright than the shadow itself, so no surprises.

Also worth looking at are their Lip Glazes, ideal for gloss addicts since the tubes are a generous half ounce size, a ton of gloss when compared to the tiny tubes I’ve purchased for the same price or more.

Face Atelier

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