Best Combo to Cure Dry Winter Feet: Pevonia Silky Foot Peel & Caudalîe Foot Beauty Cream

In the winter, regular pedicures aren’t even on the radar. When our feet are hidden under socks and boots, it’s hard to even remember they’re in there. While I’m guilty of forgoing regular winter foot maintenance, I’ve found two products to help me fake that just-back-from-a-pedi softness. Pevonia’s Silky foot Peel combines manual exfoliation (bits of pumice), with a chemical one (salicylic acid) to break down dry, hardened skin so it’s easily peeled away. Just rub a dime sized amount completely into your dry soles until the hardened skin begins to roll and fall away. It’s an instant pedicure that takes just a few minutes but the results last several weeks, especially when you use Caudalie’s Foot Beauty Cream daily.

I’ve never been one who believes each body part needs a cosmetic mate (eye cream is good for those who need it, otherwise using your moisturizer will probably do), I always had the same belief for foot cream. Why wouldn’t I just extend my regular body lotion south to soften my feet? Caudalie’s Foot Beauty Cream is different from a typical body cream and my feet can testify to that fact. Their special micro-beads that mattify the skin without the use of powder was my favorite thing about the cream before I knew what it was. Your feet feel silky soft but aren’t greasy to strike the perfect moisture balance so your feet are comfortable and not sliding around in your shoes. Used daily, I can go about a month before using the Silky Foot Peel because it softens well enough to keep calluses away.

It’s a routine you’ll actually love doing that gives big results.

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