CARGO Cosmetics blu_ray Blush and High Definition Lip Gloss

CARGO’s slick blu_ray line is makeup meant for hi-def photography and it doesn’t just blend into the skin, it almost becomes skin morphing so completely as though there’s no barrier between the color and the skin. Tiny particles of photochromatic pigment scatter and adjust all lighting to look completely natural. Their blu_ray Blush/Highlighter comes in two universally flattering Pink and Peach shades that add a hint of color when used as a blush, or highlight cheekbones when used with a deeper shade.

The same technology is used in their High Definition Lip Gloss. There’s no stickiness to the formula, just a smooth glide that coats your lips with shimmer-free tinted shine. Put the enclosed Timestrip in the slotted cap so it can begin to track how long the gloss has been opened. At the end of 9 months the strip will turn red letting you know that the gloss has reached its point of expiration.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Cargo their bronzer is the best ever!

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