Dr. Nicholas Perricone Cold Plasma

Sometimes, it’s easy to get women to agree. For instance, these shoes are horrible. Agree?  That one was easy.

Other things aren’t as easy to agree on like what skin care works best to make big changes in the skin (I know that first hand since I’ve made a living from suggesting a few). Dr. Nicholas Perricone thinks that most women would agree how well Cold Plasma really works. It’s being dubbed the premier one-size-fits-all skin nutrient by using the most complete and effective science to date. It prevents and corrects every major skin concern from enlarged pores to wrinkles, redness and beyond. They’ve even rolled out a program that offers a 45 day money back guarentee if your skin doesn’t appear any healthier from when you began using it.

Try it and see for yourself! You can win Cold Plasma tomorrow by entering the contest I’m hosting right now via Twitter. I’m also giving away a bottle of their No Foundation Foundation- $350 worth of Perricone MD.  Because really, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that free is good.

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  1. LOL those shoes! I started a twitter account just to enter to win this!

  2. Oh my goodness. Those shoes are hideous! Can I enter even if I don't Twitter?

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