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Dear Carissa,

I love your blog and read it daily but I do notice that you don’t really talk about lipsticks very much. I’ve always been a lipstick wearer and am looking for a great formula that is moisturizing and long wearing. The long wearing formulas dry out my lips especially since I always have lipstick on. What would you recommend??

Thank you,


Hey Lisa,

Ah lipstick, such a lost art. With the rise in popularity of glosses, we’ve all gotten so used to the sheer shine they create so we shy away from the color commitment that lipstick brings. But a lipstick lover is a die-hard breed, it’s the woman who sneaks off after meals to re-apply knowing she just doesn’t look complete without it. As you’ve noticed, I’m a total gloss gal, but as a makeup artist I know which lipsticks will grant you long-wearing luster without skimping on moisture.

When I think of lipsticks and how iconic and luxurious they are, another beauty icon comes to mind, Estee Lauder. My first department store lipsticks were from Lauder and I can remember thinking that they were so special and how lucky I was to get to carry around those heavy gold tubes filled with colors that I would proudly apply in public.

I’m still a Lauder lipstick fan today. My favorite formula is Pure Color which balances a creamy, lip-quenching satin color with a long-wearing formula. They’ve also honed in on the best loved plums, neutrals, pinks, and reds narrowing down the color selection to what looks best on, and not how many they can create in order to decorate a giant lipstick display in the store.

Don’t think though that the evolution of super long-wearing lipsticks has stalled out on drying formulas. Lauder’s Double Wear is the real deal boasting 12 long hours of wear removed only with makeup remover. It’s a go to for me as a Makeup Artist because it makes my job a lot easier since I can go a long time sands touch-ups. It isn’t as moisturizing as Pure Color, but it’s the most moisturizing of the formulas that last 12+ hours.

And for the days where you’re looking for just a hint of color, line your lips using Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencils and fill them in a bit applying gloss over top so you’ll get a look that’s longer lasting with a bit more color than gloss alone.

Long-wearing, moisture rich, and iconically gorgeous lip colors. I hope you enjoy Lauder like I always have.


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  1. Lauder's color has gotten so much better over the years. It used to be for old ladies but now it's got some cool colors and fun stuff.

  2. KateyKitten says:

    Estee Lauder is my she-ro!

  3. Thank you! This answered it perfectly.

  4. organic cosmetics says:

    Thought I use gloss many a times…as it is easy and relatively time saving…I love the look of the creamy colored lips which come only with a good lipstick.Love your post here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I usually don't love lipstick but I tried the double wear one and the stay mocha is perfect. just a good neutral brown color that i can use for everyday.

  6. I've always loved their lipsticks too. Such a classic line.

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