Flirt Cosmetics I’m Whipped Eyeshadow Mousse

When I talk with women about makeup, inevitably all chatter leads to questions about eye shadow. Women are confused about how to apply it and how to keep it fresh once it’s on. I hear all the time how frustrating it is when it wears off, looses its intensity, or creases. Why take the time to put it on if it’s not going to last?

I’ve always said that the best way to ensure your powder shadow stays fresh and in tact is to layer it over a creme shadow. Creme based shadows give powder ones something to really grab onto while making the color more vibrant, dynamic and longer lasting.

I’m Whipped Eyeshadow Mousse from Flirt is a casual use-your-fingers pot filled with pretty, shimmery shades that are hard to resist. Of the 11 offered, there isn’t one color I wouldn’t wear, but I’m partial to ‘Good Girl’ (pictured left), a peachy nude with a hint of shimmer that makes the perfect base shade, and ‘High Maintenance’ (pictured right) a plummy sheen that can go from sheer to dramatic with just a few additional sweeps of color.

Several of the shades are identical to the department store cream shadows I have in my kit, but what isn’t the same is the whipped mousse texture that’s so light and soft that it feels weightless on the skin.

$12 Kohl’s Stores Nationwide and

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  1. The highly pigmented eyeshadows in my opinion stays longer. Pigment over base ratio should be higher like 60% pigment over 40% base.

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    You can get them at and at Kohl's stores.

  3. I love the colors but I think it is difficult to find. Who can tell me how much these may cost?

  4. I haven't seen this in Kohl's but I will get the nude on online.

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