Maybelline Superaway Lipcolor Remover

With all of the new super-duper long-wearing on until the day you die technology for makeup out there, you’d think there’d be more Maybelline Superaway type things to remove it. Long wearing lip color wearers usually use long wearing eye makeup remover to take it away, you know- the oily kind that you shake up before you use it. For eyes it’s great, but for lips it’s oily and gross, just something you don’t want running in your mouth.

Superaway is meant for the mouth and it completely dissolves all traces of long-wearing lip colors, even the stains that are impossible to remove. It was designed to take off their Superstay Lipcolor but works for any lip color imaginable.

Just rub a little into your lips and wipe it away with a tissue, there isn’t any taste to it and it gives some moisture which is especially needed since all-day lip color can be so drying.

Only downside, I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to find in stores so I’ve linked below to where it’s the best priced and is currently buy one get one 50%.

Maybelline Superaway Lipcolor Remover

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