2010 Golden Globes (Beauty) Winners; Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts

Fresh, pretty, feminine, trendless makeup was alive and well at the 2010 Golden Globes. Here are a few who caught my eye by getting it so right.

Sandra Bullock always looks incredible. Here she saves the inner portion of her lids for some shimmer so she can have some pop while staying age appropriate and formal. Purple makeup with a purple dress is a disaster, so not playing matchy-matchy was the well-met objective. Neutral lips and cheeks broke up the bold purple gown keeping her overall look soft and alluring.

All beauty stuff aside, don’t you just want to be friends with Meryl Streep? I adore her. She knows who she is (which clearly includes her personal style) and sticks to it. She favors pinks and corals forgoing the usual black, smokey looks warn to formal events. Lesson learned, dark makeup isn’t the only way to compliment a gown and an up-do.

Not all redheads have to stick with the usual neutral and green palette. Julianne Moore makes violet eye shadow elegant and sweet using it just on the lid. The absence of heavy liner allows it to be more glitz and glamour than rock and roll.

Not all stars looked as good as Julia Roberts in HDTV. She gave those 20-somethings a run for their money. I think Julia is a testament to good grooming. Neatly kept brows and healthy skin are 90% of what you see. Yes her makeup is great, I love the pinks and plummy grey, but I’d be willing to bet that she looks just as great without makeup.

All photos coutrisy of HuffingtonPost.com

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