Kate Winslet Golden Globes 2010; BECCA Lip and Cheek Créme

Kate Winslet is another star whose style is consistently on the mark. She always looks perfectly polished and never over the top. Her makeup does exactly what it should, bring out her very best so the focus is on her and not on the makeup.

Having lips and cheeks in the same shade is an easy start to achieving a polished look, and one of the few ‘rules’ makeup artists tend to stick to.  BECCA’s Lip and Cheek Créme melts right into the skin and looks like a completely natural cheek flush. You can use it alone on lips for a subtle tint or add gloss over it for more dimension, it dissolves right into both cheeks and lips and gives a glazed look that’s somewhere perfectly in between dry and glossy.

I didn’t think it was possible, but BECCA has beat out my long-standing favorite Stila’s Convertible Color as the best lip and cheek creme. While Stila’s version is a great product and good for cheeks, it’s a little too opaque to use alone on the lips, BECCA nails a formula that doesn’t just give lip service to being multi-functional, it truly is.

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  1. She is my all time favorite actress. Such class and style.

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