PCA Skin Perfecting Face & Body Hydrator SPF 30

Recently I’ve noticed a huge trend in sun protection- they’ve been adding SPF to moisturizers in a way that makes it easy to use daily and guard against the damage that occurs over time in small doses of daily sun. PCA Skin’s Perfecting Face & Body Hydrator is a skin quencher so light in weight and so neutral in scent that it’s an ideal daily SPF 30 that carries The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

As a moisturizer, its licorice extract, and kojic and lactic acids help to fade sun spotting in a light also base giving light yet complete moisture. You do get broad-spectrum protection from both UVA (think A for aging) and UVB (think B for burning) rays, but they also pumped it full of antioxidants to protect your skin from future environmental damage.

So many times I think companies claim you can use a body product on your face too just for the sake of marketing, but with this fantastic combination of ingredients , it’s actually true. This is a complete moisture and SPF solution that you will find yourself using every day.

PCA Skin Perfecting Face & Body Hydrator SPF 30

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