Erno Laszlo Regular Normalizer Shake-it

Erno Laszlo’s Shake-it is the perfect non-foundation foundation. Shake the bottle to blend the pigment together with a skin perfecting toner that absorbs oil and makes  pores disappear. You can use it as a primer if you want a little more coverage, but I use it alone when I want natural, great looking skin. I was really surprised how seamlessly it disguised redness and how long it lasted especially when the formula seemed so light and watery. It’s just not like anything I’ve used for coverage on the face.

You can use a cotton ball, but I just use my fingers to apply and rub it in. It’s one of those products you have to try to believe how great it looks. Next time you’re passing through a department store that carries Laszlo, have them put it on you so you can wear it around and see for yourself that ‘coverage’ doesn’t mean what you thought it did.

Erno Laszlo Regular Normalizer Shake-it

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  1. haint blue says:

    Amy – Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation
    use a foundation brush, like SEPHORA COLLECTION Professionnel Platinum Foundation Brush, get the brush wet with the shake-it, then only put foundation on the tippy tips of the brush, apply and blend fast with the brush

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I really like this product a lot- I use it more than I would've imagined actually.

    It creates a matte surface for your makeup (or you can use it solo), but if you're using a matte foundation on top of it, that might be too many ingredients that are for matting the skin.

    Their Tinted Treatment was designed to be used with Shake it

    So you might have some luck using that.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for this post about 'shake it'. I recently purchased the whole line and I am amazed with the results – my skin has cleared up, my pores are much smaller and I think I definitely look younger. Just a small problem though with the shake it – when I do want to apply foundation on top of it for evenings for example – I have a hard time blending my foundation with it, because my skin is tight after the shake it. I've tried blending the foundation with water but it does not help alot. Suggestions? I use Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation.


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