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Imagine if Julia Child taught you to cook, or if Lance Armstrong taught you biking. I know it might sound like a stretch, but that’s exactly how I feel about my trainings with Dina Ousley, the Godmother of airbrush makeup who originated the medium 25 years ago long before it was the ‘in’ thing to do. All makeup aside, she is the sweetest, most energetic ball of fun whose passion for her craft is contagious. I took the classes to really hone in on airbrushing so I could use it for foundation application, but I didn’t know that over the span of two days I would learn more than I have in years and completely change who I am as a Makeup Artist.

Why use airbrushing for foundation only when the soft, natural, long-wearing properties translate so beautifully to cheeks, eyes, and lips? I created Robin’s look below using 100% airbrush makeup- yup, even the eye liner and I did it in about half the time it normally takes me for a full face.

I watched in amazement as one by one, we all were transformed into better looking versions of ourselves with perfect skin that was almost glowing. The photos told the story though, since you can’t hide anything from a camera.

Here’s me after a quick spray of their foundation, it got rid of my unevenness and redness in just seconds. I loved how perfect my skin looked for once. It stayed on until I washed if off late that night, it looked so good I even considered leaving it on for the next day!  Oh, and I wasn’t mad, I’m just horrible at the self-portrait thing.

It’s also the best method for tattoo covering. Now, he didn’t get his skin back to the exact color, it was just a quick demonstration on how complete the coverage was. He even added a few ‘spots’ to make the skin look more realistic. For scaring, eczema, redness, and port wine  stains I think an at-home kit would be beneficial. It’s so easy.

I also had the privilege of being in the makeup chair for once, and not hovering over it. Below you’ll see a quick video that shows our educator Al applying airbrush shadow and liner on me. It took about 7 minutes for the whole look and didn’t budge an inch. Pretty amazing right?

Dinair is fantastic. The makeup stood on its own, but the throngs of professional makeup artists who work on the top A-listers in the biz (even Tom Cruise) who were in and out all day buying Dinair and visiting Dina all proclaimed that her products were the gold standard in the business. Yes, even when Dina was well out of ear shot. They’re located in Hollywood and offer personal classes to teach you how to apply airbrush makeup with confidence. They also pride themselves on excellent customer service, so you can call them or have a live chat to determine what colors and personal everyday system would work best for you. If perfect looking skin is something you’ve always wanted, Dinair has you flawlessly covered.


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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Hi Ritu,

    For my clients who are oily, I use a little of this on top of the makeup and it looks great. Not too matte but not at all shiny.


    If you're seeing the makeup on the skin, hold the airbrush a little farther away from your face when you apply it. If ever you're seeing problems you're either spraying too closely or just spraying too heavily. Look for positive changes in the skin and not the presence of makeup.

    Dinair is a great line and you're invested in it, try making these changes first and then see what you think.

    Thanks for reading!


  2. I recently purchased the dinair personal kit and love the colors. Being of Indian heritage, I have been exceedingly frustrated with color choices available for my skin tone. This is a god send as I am able to mix and match my own shade exactly. My only issue is the oily look it leaves on my skin – it does not feel oily just looks greasy on my face. What can I do to avoid that? Also, I find that my pores get more pronounced with this makeup. I saw your review on the Temptu S/B and was wondering if that would be a better option for me. Could you please recommend the best option?

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